Prestige Pen

Personalized pen with engraving on 2 sides.

The advertising pen has the advantage to fill all the missions waited by an advertising object. It succeeded to stand out as an essential marketing tool.

Besides, so that an advertising object is effective, it has to be useful, allow your customers to remember you and to bring an emotional value because it is the small attention which seduces the customers. Indeed, it should be noted that to ensure that this type of object is kept, it has to be:

  • Useful: in 86% of cases, this is the reason why the pen is kept.
  • The object has to be funny, intriguing, esthetic and original. It so has all the qualities to seduce in 65 % of the cases.
  • Emotional reasons : 37 % of the customers keep presents received for these reasons.

Among all the existing goodies , the pen is the one which fills best these expectations. It stands out as an essential tool for your marketing strategies.

Prestige Pen NBC visibility kit

Pen and stylus in metal of color with German black ink and silver accent. Mechanism with twisting. Plastic cartridge .. Individual bag cello . Included engraving on 2 sides.

It is the ideal object that will help you show your professionalism so that your client do not forget about you.

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Prestige Pen

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